Alex McMurray’s 2013 Chaz Fest Diary

Next up was the now-legendary Geraniums set. Tom Marron was unable to play fiddle and harp like he usually does, so I was enlisted to fill that considerable chair. I can’t find the setlist anywhere but the band came out rocking harder than I can remember them ever doing. Brendan sounded strong and Treffinger was channelling I don’t even know what. The pictures that I’ve seen of this Geraniums set all feature Jeff’s face contorted in some kind of Peak Moment sort of way. He looks like he’s going to explode. Daemon Shea tore a muscle in his arm somewhere in the middle of the set but kept playing anyway. He had a huge flap of muscle sticking out of his bicep like a flipper. I was just along for the ride, really, but these guys played like it was game 7 of the NBA finals. When it was over I felt like the guy on the Bulls to whom Michael Jordan said “why are you crying? I won it for you…” Even now about 6 weeks later I have people come up to me to tell me how good the Geraniums were that day. People stopped Jeff the same way the whole second weekend on Jazz Fest. Complete strangers.  Even Rene Coman called Jeff to say what a remarkable set it was. And he’s in the band since they started in the 1990’s and probably wouldn’t call you if your house was on fire.

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