Songs: Virgin in the Fridge

I walk the streets of sorrow
I live the life of pain
I’ll find some money tomorrow
And you’ll come back again

They’re fighting in the alley
This town it smells like shit
Don’t tell that I’m fired
I quit man I just quit

In every sky there’s promise
On every curb there’s luck
Come back + haunt me honey
Lets go behind the trucks

I’m feeling dead inside me
I think the whole mess sucks
I didn’t murder no one
I just went behind the trucks


Land of Goshen
Ship Ahoy
Lost upon the ocean and completely out of joy
What ever happened to your
bouncing baby boy

I don’t trust the Gods of Science
My God’s the God of wind
He blows away misfortune
He can blow it back again

Can’t you see the Virgin
Up upon the ridge
Yea she looks exactly like that
One inside the fridge

We mumbled praises
We grumbled chin to chin
I’m not the Rock of Ages
You not the mighty squim

I wear the mask of failure
Indulge my tortured whims
There’s nothing like disgrace
To teach a loser how to win


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