Songs: Awful Blue

This is almost too good to be true

Even the sky is an especial blue

When you’ve been through what I’ve been through

(you’d know) this is too goo to be true


When you’ve been down and out like me

When you’ve been pissin’ up that tree

When the World and you do not agree

Then you know what it’s like to be me


When you’ve carried that torch for so long

When you’ve always had to act so true and so strong

You fall down the stairs and get up and your gone

You’ve carried this torch for so long


We have almost exhausted all hope

The proverbial boxers on their proverbial rope

Caught in the corner

Caught in Fate’s Rope-a-Dope

We had almost exhausted all hope


I’ll just crash in this corner

If you wake me in time

I’ll be gone with the Goners

They’ll be no clues for a crime

Don’t tell me your sorry

We don’t have time for Regret

We can rush toward a memory

We ain’t a memory yet


It was almost too good to be true

The sky The sky it was an Awful Blue

It was Almost Always

Always Almost

Almost Always

Too good to be true

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