What the People Say

“There isn’t another rock band in New Orleans that can be vulnerable while being defiant. No other band can do such a good job of almost exploding or imploding without doing either…The Geraniums make sadness beautiful, and that at the very least deserves your attention.”

Jason Songe, Booking Agent, Circle Bar


“I think Brendan Gallagher is a truly great lyricist…he’s a seriously romantic guy dressed up in a realist body…The Geraniums have always struck me as one of the undiscovered gems of (New Orleans).”

James Hall, Pleasure Club


“…we had no idea that Brendan Gallagher was such a singer and lyricist. It was like discovering that the mailman is a great novelist. We were shocked.”

Bunny Matthews, Offbeat Magazine


“Next up was the now-legendary Geraniums set…the band came out rocking harder than I can remember them ever doing… these guys played like it was game 7 of the NBA finals… Even now about 6 weeks later I have people come up to me to tell me how good the Geraniums were that day.”

Alex McMurray, 2014 Chaz Fest Diary